NLP Milton Model - Semantic Ill-Formedness


Linkage / Casual Modeling

There are three variations of this hypnosis pattern within the milton model.

All are used by the hypnotist to suggest a cause and effect link between two elements, usually something that is occurring and something the hypnotist wants to occur, such as breathing and deepening trance.

you can drift deeper with each and every breath

the more you concentrate on my voice, the heavier your eyes will become

The 3 variations, from weakest to strongest are:

  • Conjunction - you are breathing deeply and starting to relax<
  • Connection in Time - as you breathe deeply you can start to relax / when you breathe deeply you can start to relax
  • Causality - the deeper you breathe the more you will relax

This language pattern is very common in trance deepening. One pattern based on this idea, is 'the more the more' pattern - the more you concentrate on my voice, the more you will relax.

Lost Performative

A lost performative is an evaluative statement in which the person evaluating is missing. They are a good way of delivering presuppositions, as in the example.

It's not important how quickly you relax - contains the presupposition that you will relax, and it doesn't mention who it isn't important to.

It's good that you can concentrate on my voice

Mind Reading

Mind reading occurs when the hypnotist makes a statement that implies they know what the client is thinking. This is done by speaking very generally, and basing your statement on what the client is currently experiencing.

You're curious as to what you're going to learn today

You're wondering how I'm going to help you