Learn Hypnosis for Free Online - Is it possible? And if so, how?


If you want to learn self hypnosis, then that is simple; There are straightforward instructions here and elsewhere on the web, but if you want to learn to actually hypnotize someone else can that be achieved. Can you learn hypnosis for free online?

Well, the answer is yes, a reserved yes.

The skills for hypnosis are all described in several articles here; Rapport, Pacing and Leading, Hypnotic Inductions, Hypnosis Induction Techniques and Hypnotic Language Patterns. But even if you understand all these concepts you may still come up short and decide that it isn't possible to learn hypnosis online.

When I first became interested in NLP I read everything I could find and developed a pretty good understanding of the language patterns and submodalities but when I took my NLP practitioner course with Richard Bandler I was blown away by how different it seemed.

Learning hypnosis online is like learning to swim from a book. I had all the knowledge but no examples to learn from (NLP is about modeling after all), and I had no real practice at all.

If you want to learn hypnosis then the best way is to find a friend and learn it together. Start by practicing the self-hypnosis two person exercise described at the end of the article Self Hypnosis Instruction this will give you a good idea of rapport, then write out language patterns (my article on planetnlp has some ideas for leaning language patterns), try gaining rapport with strangers, and practice, practice, practice.

Then start trying a few simple inductions with each other and your skills should develop quickly.

If possible, find someone who has some real experience and let them hypnotize you. Watch and learn from this person, because that is how we humans learn the best.

It's been shown time and time again that children who move around the world at a young age have no problem learning multiple languages and keeping them separate in their minds; Learning a language from a book is nowhere near as effective and the same can be said of hypnosis - the more you are immersed in a subject, the easier it is to learn.

So while it is harder to learn hypnosis online that it is in a training, if you persist there is no reason why you can't become skilled in hypnosis.

And remember to keep it fun!


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