Instant Self Hypnosis Techniques


Once you have been working with self hypnosis for a while, you may wish to have a way to drop into a trance automatically - to use instant self hypnosis.

When working with clients this is often done through anchoring or setting up a post-hypnotic suggestion to allow the hypnotist to access the clients trance state with a specific word or action.

With instant self hypnosis you can do exactly the same.

The only problem is that consciously trying to setup the process while you are relaxed will actually make you less relaxed, so it's best to setup the process with either a recording or another person. For this reason the following methods are written from a hypnotists point of view:

Graphic Equalizer Method

Start a normal induction, but as the client relaxes, ask them to imagine a slider in their mind (similar to a single slider on a graphic equalizer).

As they relax, they are mentally to move the lever down in line with their state. You can either have them move the lever as they relax, or you can directly link the lever moving to them relaxing and use it to relax them. You should calibrate the slider by asking the client to move the slider to different levels and notice the difference in their state.

Once you have set this up, the client should be able to relax themselves, simply by imagining the lever and watching it move down.

Some people prefer to work in a more physical way - there is nothing to stop you asking the client to visualize the slider in front of them and use their hand to move the lever up and down - of course the physical element may make the process harder for some clients so experiment with this method and see what works for you. Using the clients arm in this way is almost identical to performing an arm catalepsy induction.

Post Hypnotic Suggestion

For this instant self hypnosis method, while the person who wants to be able to hypnotize themselves is in a trance, verbally setup an anchor using a post-hypnotic suggestion such as when you wake you will be easily able to access this relaxed hypnotic state simply by pressing your thumb and finger together like this. At this point the hypnotist should press the thumb and finger together for the client. Then the client will be able to instantly hypnotize themselves.

Peripheral Vision Method

This is a method that I find works really well, and you can setup yourself. It is especially good for people who are very experienced with hypnotic states and who find the process of going in and out of hypnotic trances straightforward. It does not work so well for people who are new to the concept of hypnosis and have no frame of reference for a deep hypnotic state.

So here goes - Look forward and concentrate your attention on a point that is a comfortable distance for you to focus. While keeping your eyes directed at this point allow your eyes to go out of focus by focusing behind what you are currently looking at.

Without moving your eyes move your attention away from the center of your field of vision into your peripheral vision and notice how this feels.

Experimenting with this instant self hypnosis method should give you an idea of how far you need to move your attention to achieve the effect you want.

This method is a very useful one to enable you to get yourself into a nice trance state while you are working with clients. It's probably the easiest way to enter a trance yourself while working with a client (useful when you want to create a rapport based trance in your clients).

As with all hypnosis techniques, the more you practice and experiment with these instant self hypnosis techniques, the easier they will become.