I can make you rich by Paul McKenna - Book Review


'I can make you rich' is Paul's book on wealth creation. If you've read any of my other reviews of Paul's books, you'll probably realize that I'm quite a fan of Paul's work.

The reason for this is simple, I think Paul writes good clear books that are easy to read, contain useful and actionable information, and also provide some value for people with more knowledge of NLP, and of course his CDs are always excellent.

'I can make you rich' is of a very similar style to both 'Instant Confidence', and 'Seven Days', and is sure to help many people make the changes they need to motivate themselves and hopefully direct them towards a fuller, and richer life. While the title suggests - and most people will believe - the book is focused on monetary riches, it is also about the richness of life as well as making money. The book balances these two somewhat opposing goals nicely, which is quite unusual. Most books are either blatantly about chasing the cash or about the more esoteric 'life richness' where monetary wealth is frowned upon.

The book contains information from several sources. There are NLP and EFT exercises (check the article Hypnosis, NLP, and EFT - a Comparison if you've never heard of EFT) as well as some basic business planning. The book leads the reader through changing their beliefs about their right to wealth and their relationship to money. The issue of emotional spending is neatly dealt with before leading the reader through planning their approach to getting wealthy and dealing with the lifestyle that may result.

'I can make you Rich' is one of my favorite books for several reasons; Firstly, it contains lots of exercises to motivate you and get you thinking in the right direction. Secondly, the CD is really good (as usual) containing a mixture of hypnotic trance that reference the exercises in the book and metaphorical stories. Thirdly, I listened to the cd solidly for a week the last time I was looking for work, and within one interview I had trebled my salary! (and that is not just something I made up for this review).

Even if you can't be bothered to actually read the book and try the exercises, then it's worth buying for the CD.

The book is currently out in hardback and paperback. I have the original hardback version of 'I can make you rich' which is a really nice 'luxury' hardback, with a smart and understated black cover with gold edged pages, designed to imply the quality you'll hopefully demand in your life once you're as rich as Paul is! This may be one of those rare occasions where owning the hardback rather than the paperback is actually worth it.

So what are you waiting for?

As well as his excellent books, Paul Mckenna provides products and seminars in the uk. For details, checkout his web site Paul McKenna Training.