Hypnotic Programming - Program your mind with Self Hypnosis


Many people use self hypnosis for relaxation, but then don't really do anything when they get there. There are several ways to use a self hypnosis session for something more useful. In fact, if you don't use hypnotic programming during your self hypnosis sessions, then really you're just meditating aren't you?


Before you enter the trance, ask your unconscious mind to solve a problem: 'Unconscious mind, during the following hypnosis session, I want you to find a way to improve my confidence, so that when I give my presentation today I will be relaxed, confident, and raring to go.'


'During the following session, I want you, my unconscious to go on a search to find all the ways in which you can improve my ability to make money, and I want you, over the next few days, to bring these to my attention.'

Your pre-programming statements should be said out-loud if possible, and in an authoritative voice.

Programming during a session

For programming during a session, you can use similar phrasing to the above, but actually speak to yourself during the session. This is usually harder than the previous method and a method that I would personally avoid. Some of the older methods of hypnotic programming I came across actually almost turn into a conversation, or a hypnotic prayer.


While the pre-programming method is useful for single sessions, you may want to perform a more complex session. In this case the best way to use hypnotic programming is to pre-record the session.

One thing that is quite useful if you use affirmations is to record them, and play those during a hypnotic session. Just make sure that you record them in the second person, rather than the first - 'you are relaxed more and more' rather than 'i am relaxed more and more'. For information on recording your own sessions, read the article Creating Hypnosis CDs - Make hypnotic MP3s and CDs


All three hypnotic programming methods work, and you should find the one most appropriate for you. I find that the pre-program method is the most flexible, where as recordings are more useful for specific issues that you want to solve where you will want to use the recording again and again such as confidence or motivation.

One point worth remembering when planning these hypnotic programming sessions is that your unconscious is a rather simple beast (no offense!) and is more likely to give you want you want if it gets something in return (doesn't this sound just a little too schizophrenic!). So, as long as your waistline can take it try something like this:

'Unconscious, during the following session I want you to make any changes necessary to allow me to speak clearly and confidently in my forthcoming job interview, and in return I will reward you with a box of cream cakes.'

You must make sure you actually provide the reward if you are happy with the result, and of course, don't use this if you're programming yourself to lose weight!