Hypnotic Pendulum - Learn to Hypnotize anyone with a Pendulum or Watch

Hypnotic Pendulum

Historically, according to the movies, all hypnotists carried pendulums or pocket watches which they would whip out at a moments notice and use on some poor unsuspecting soul.

More surprising than a colt-45 and more silent that a dagger, the pendulum was almost as deadly as either - well it was in the movies.

And once the Hypnotist had used the hypnotic pendulum in this way, their victim was under their complete command until the hypnotist finally gave up their control at the point when their victim had ceased to be useful for whatever purpose the hypnotist had planned. Yes, in the movies.

Does hypnosis with a Pendulum work and if so how?

Well actually, yes it does. The hypnotic principles used to hypnotize someone with a hypnotic pendulum or watch are the basis of many forms of hypnosis induction. These are Focus, fatigue, pacing and leading, and embedded commands.

Firstly, the hypnotist asks the client to stare at the hypnotic pendulum (or this can be implied). As well as the client following orders (this is always a good thing for a hypnotist), the client's focus is brought to a single point (both literally and mentally).

Secondly, it's not very easy to stare at a single object for very long and the client's eyes will begin to tire. This appears to the client that they are drifting, and also allows a bit hypnotic language play such as the following use of lightweight pacing and leading along with the milton models - cause and effect pattern:

You may notice your eyelids getting heavy as you go deeper.

The Hypnotist paces the current experience - Notice your eyelids getting heavy.

The Hypnotist leads the clients experience - Go Deeper.

The Hypnotist links the two together (Cause and Effect) - Eyelids getting heavy means you're going deeper.

The hypnotic pendulum is a fun tool, and as so many people have seen the 'movies' it is also quite a good convincer with some clients.

Pendulum Hypnosis Script

Here is an example of the kind of induction you could perform with a hypnotic pendulum::

Spoken Words Description
Now I want you to relax and stare at the pendulum. Start with a suggestion that the client will obey and move their attention to focus on the pendulum.
And notice how it moves as you breathe slowly. Bring their attention to their breathing and link it to the movement of the pendulum - a slowly swinging pendulum is best if you're going to link breathing to it.
And as you continue to watch, you may notice your eyelids become heavy as you relax. More pacing and leading.
You may notice as you continue to breathe you have the urge to blink. This little test will show if you have the client in a position to continue with a more formal hypnosis induction.
And whenever you feel ready you can close your eyes now. A little ambiguousness goes a long way. Should the client close their eyes when they want, or now? Chances are they will do it now.
And as you continue to relax as you breathe deeply ... Now the clients eyes are shut we can move onto the main part of our work for the hypnosis session.

There are many variations on this kind of hypnosis induction, and it's a good approach for a beginner, as you can learn a little about language patterns and develop the skill to calibrate to the clients state. Also it's a very easy method to learn and then ad lib.

All you need is to get an little understanding of pacing and leading, embedded commands, and a few milton model language patterns, and you can go a long way.

Rather than a hypnotic pendulum, you may prefer a watch, candle (lit of course), or simply a point on the wall. Using a point on the wall works best if the point is slightly above the clients eye line. So find a friend who wants to experiment and give it a go.

Just remember to keep the movement fairly slow and regular - no one wants to try and stare at something flying through the air at speed, wondering if it might take their eye out!


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