Hypnotic Massage


What is Hypnotic Massage?

Hypnotic Massage is simply using hypnosis skill while performing massage to enhance the effects of the massage. Both hypnotic and massage skills nicely complement each other, allowing the 'client' to enter a trance state easily alongside relaxing deeply due to the massage.

How do you perform Hypnotic Massage?

Many hypnosis skills can be used while performing massage to enhance the process, though because massage is a process without a huge amount of variation you can get by with quite a small subset of the available hypnotic skills.


In any sensual or intimate situation rapport is essential. To use rapport during massage there are a couple of possibilities.

Firstly it's quite straightforward to match your strokes to the client's breath rate.

To really enhance the effect you can also match your own breathing rate to their breath rate. Then you can simply change your own mental state to a very relaxed or tranced out state and as your breathing changes they should follow.

Instant Self Hypnosis explains how to change your state in this way.

This simple step will often result in a very pleasant and relaxing experience for you both.

Sometimes working in this way you may even find you are unsure who is leading who in the experience.

Hypnotic Language

Another way to use hypnosis during massage is to use hypnotic language to match the clients massage experience and lead them into a deep trance. Learn Hypnotic Patterns and use Embedded commands and Pacing and Leading to enhance the experience.

For instance pacing and leading is simply with massage:

As you continue to feel my hands move across your back you can relax more and more.

With each and every breath your body will become more and more sensitive to the relaxing pressure of my fingers.

As with all hypnotic skills, the more you practice your language patterns the more automatic they will become and the smoother your hypnosis sessions will become. When adding hypnotic language to massage a little goes a long way.

Relaxation Hypnosis

There is no reason why you can't deliver a standard hypnotic induction while performing hypnotic massage. The Relaxation Hypnosis Induction is a good one to use. The main thing to bear in mind is that your voice should follow to same rhythm as your hands.

Whichever techniques you use really depends upon what effect you are trying to achieve. If you are really having a hypnosis session with some massage thrown in, then use the rapport techniques along with either the hypnotic language or a relaxation script. If you are performing a sensual massage then simply use the rapport techniques - your 'client' won't know anything about it but hopefully will have a wonderful massage.

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