Hypnosis Weight Loss Tapes, CDs, and MP3s - Do they work and if so where can you get them?


Do Hypnosis Weight Loss Tapes, CDs and MP3s work?

There are many hypnosis products advertised to help with weight loss. And while all of these are produced with the best of intentions, the quality and results can vary hugely.

Prior to choosing a product it's important to sit down and work out exactly what aspects of weight loss you are struggling with. It may be that you would be better with a specific recording rather than a general 'weight loss' one. See the related products at the end of this article for a list of more specialized weight loss recordings. This list may also give you ideas to think about while working out which areas are your weakest.

It's also very important to remember that using a weight loss tape is an addition to your diet and exercise plans, not a replacement for them. Many people start using a cd once a week and decide that the cd will do all the work for them so they don't need to bother with their exercise or diet - that somehow the recording will sort everything out for them.

Think of hypnosis as a turbo button - A recording can improve your motivation to exercise and help with food compulsions but you will still have to actually perform the exercise and avoid the wrong types of food. The aim of a hypnosis weight loss tape, CD or MP3 is to make this much easier for you.

Where can I get Hypnosis Weight Loss tapes, CDs and MP3s?

My favorite general weightloss product is Paul McKenna's book and CD combination 'I can make you thin'. Paul's books are all very good and the hypnosis CDs that come with them are excellent. For more information on Paul McKenna's products check my reviews of Paul McKenna's Books on PlanetNLP.com, or check Paul's web site for his weight loss products and courses.

There are many companies offering hypnosis recordings for download, as well as many individuals some of whom will even offer to make a custom cd for you (though I do doubt whether this is truely ever done). For issue specific recordings and downloads check the related MP3s at the end of this article or the following link which is the only hypnosis download companies I recommend:

How often should I use Hypnosis Weight Loss Tapes, CDs and MP3s?

My suggestion is to use a hypnosis recording once a day for the first one or two weeks then drop back to once a week while you are actively working on losing weight. Once you have got your weight to the level you want then you should find controlling your food and continuing to exercise will be automatic and part of your everyday life.

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