Hypnosis for overcoming Anger - Hypnotic Anger Management


Is Anger Management by Hypnosis Possible?

Using hypnosis for overcoming anger is nothing new, and is exactly the kind of behavioral change that hypnosis is very good at dealing with.

How will a Hypnotist approach Anger Management?

Usually a hypnotist will attempt to work out what kind of experiences trigger your anger. If they have any experience of NLP, then they may use NLP as a direct approach to deal with these specific situations before usually a more general hypnosis method.

They will probably teach you a way to relax and work through a process with you to give you the choice to react to situations that make you angry in a different way. This really is the key as flexibility of reaction is important. There is no point in just becoming someone who doesn't get angry. Sometimes anger is a necessary reaction. The goal here is to make you consciously choose what your reaction will be.

Also, just being hypnotized will help your stress levels and provides a new state of mind that you can access when appropriate.

Can I use Self Hypnosis for Anger Management?

Regular self hypnosis sessions will definitely help with anger management. The Self hypnosis method described on this site is a good place to start to improve your ability to relax. Simply using a generic self hypnosis recording such as this, or even learning some kind of meditation will have a positive effect and make you less likely to get angry in everyday situations.

As a way to boast your improvements when using hypnosis for overcoming anger, there are many things you can do to lessen the risk of becoming angry. Taking up a martial art, especially one of the more cerebral ones such as Tai Chi is a useful way to develop a more relaxed state of mind, and taking regular exercise is well known for improving your mental state.

If you want to use a more specific hypnosis approach for dealing with your anger, but don't have the time, or inclination to record your own sessions then checkout the recordings listed below for a cost effective way of using hypnosis for overcoming anger.

Are there any products I can use to resolve my Anger?

If you would rather use hypnosis for overcoming anger yourself, then there are several hypnosis MP3s I can recommend to help you. These are: Anger Management, Be more Tolerant , and Controlling Emotions.


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