Hypnosis for Insomnia


Considering that hypnosis is usually about entering a relaxing mental to solve a problem, then using hypnosis for insomnia should be an obvious fit.

Insomnia can have many different causes; Stress, Diet, or simply a bad bedtime procedure can all lead to problems sleeping, and once a pattern of poor sleeping starts it becomes a self perpetuating cycle.

I remember myself several years ago, prior to using hypnosis for insomnia, struggling falling asleep. I tried everything, going to bed later, getting up earlier, moving the bed, changing my diet...

In the end the solution was to change my internal dialogue and use a little self-hypnosis for insomnia as a backup. Betty Erickson's self hypnosis method is a really good way to deal with your insomnia, and changing your internal dialogue is quiet straightforward. Simply listen the voice in your head that is keeping you awake and slow it down; make it sound lethargic; make it yawn; slow it to the point where it is tiring just listening to it. You may also be able to make it quieter.

If you suffer from a more physically restlessness, then try using a relaxation induction based on physical relaxation.

Are there any hypnotic products for Insomnia?

If you would rather buy a prerecorded hypnotic session for insomnia, then there are several hypnosis MP3s from HypnosisDownloads that I can recommend to help you. These are: Insomnia Buster Pack, Cure Insomnia, Drift off to Sleep, and Sleep Like a Child.

If your Insomnia is likely due to stress, then the following recordings may also be of value: Everyday Stress, Stop Worrying, Stop Obsessive Thoughts, Tame your Inner Critic and the Complete Stress Management Pack.

How long will it take to cure Insomnia?

Using a hypnosis recording last thing at night is a two pronged attack as just listening to a recording will help you to relax on the night you use it. You should therefore find an improvement in your sleep straight away.

How often should you use Self Hypnosis for Insomnia?

Usually I don't recommend that hypnosis recordings are listened to night after night. I find that after a couple of nights I need a normal nights sleep. But using hypnosis for Insomnia is different as you are using the recording to help with sleep. I would be tempted to use a recording every night until you feel relaxed enough to sleep without it. Then use the recording once a week for a couple of months and see how you get on.

Good Luck!


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