How to Learn Hypnosis - Learning hypnosis and hypnotic skills


Many people are interested in hypnosis. Unfortunately due to the rigorous control of hypnotherapy there are few courses aimed at the lay person, and of those that are many tend to offer a qualification related to some unrecognized organization that is somewhat worthless. On the other hand, training in hypnotherapy, unless you want to become a hypnotherapist, is expensive. This makes the answer to the question 'How to learn hypnosis?' less than obvious.

In contrast, NLP(Neuro-linguistic Programming) is not controlled very well at all, and has even more ‘organizations’ that offer certification than Hypnosis does, and like hypnosis, many of these organizations have never been authenticated by an outside organization or controlling body.

It may seem somewhat ironic then that I am going to suggest that if you have the money to spend then the answer to how to learn hypnosis is to go on an NLP practitioner or NLP master practitioner training. As long as you choose a trainer associated with the ‘Society of NLP’ or one of the other top names in NLP such as John Grinder or Paul McKenna, you will learn many hypnosis skills without the hypnotherapy ‘script’ based style of hypnosis that many hypnotherapists seem to rely on.

If you can't afford to take such a training, then the easiest answer to how to learn hypnosis is still via NLP. Though out the USA and UK there are many practice groups where people come together to practice NLP. These groups will usually use hypnosis and give you a good basis of hypnotic language patterns and such. For more information on NLP checkout

A last ditch approach for those with really no money to spend is either buy a book (OK, a little money), or use the articles on how to learn hypnosis on this site along with a friend so that you can both practice on each other. Before working with someone else it's a good idea to practice a bit of self hypnosis first - the easier it is for you to go into a trance, the easier it will be for your partner to hypnotize you. Once you have learnt a few skills you will be much better placed to decide whether learning hypnosis is worth more serious investment, or whether it is simply an interesting hobby.


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