Free Hypnosis Training - Where do you get it?


At first glance, there seems to be very little free hypnosis training around. Everyone has their course or product to sell. Really you have to decide, why you want to learn hypnosis?

If you want to use self hypnosis then hopefully this site provides enough free hypnosis resources to get you going, but if you want to learn to hypnotize others then it is not quite so simple.

This lack of free hypnosis training is partially due to the various certification systems in different countries. Unlike NLP, hypnotherapy is heavily regulated, which is both positive and negative depending upon your view. Among other things, this means that the courses are expensive, and intensive - people don't like giving things away, and you will probably have to show a degree of competence and gain some quite academic knowledge, which is not that useful to you.

One of the easiest ways to learn some hypnosis skills cheaply, is to come at it from a bit of a tangent - Find an NLP practice group and enquire as to how much hypnosis they use. If the person running the group suggests that 'it's all hypnosis really' then you've probably in the right place.

For more information on learning NLP to learn hypnosis, read the article how to learn hypnosis.

As a minimum you could find a friend who is also interested in learning and buy a book or three.

Books, while not exactly free hypnosis training, are relatively cheap - especially compared to a certifiable hypnosis course.

The books I've reviewed elsewhere on this site are a good way to develop an understanding of what you need to learn, but there is no substitute for experience and practice - having said this, after reading Richard Bandlers' Transformations my girlfriend 'automatically' hypnotized her brother with an pattern interruption pattern. Yes the book is that good.


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