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So you're looking for free hypnosis stuff? What kind of stuff are you searching for?

If you're searching for free hypnosis scripts then there are several on PlanetNLP covering subjects such as weight loss and smoking cessation. Over the next few months hopefully I should find the time to add some more scripts. There are a few sites that offer quite a collection of free scripts and MP3s - there is a list of these sites at the end of this article. If these don't cover your needs then why not learn to develop your own? It really is not that difficult.

If among the free hypnosis stuff you're looking to learn hypnosis for free online then PlanetNLP is a good place to start. The article Free Hypnosis Lessons - Learn Hypnosis for Free covers all that you need to develop your hypnosis skills. There are several other articles in the related articles below that will help you structure your learning.

Free Hypnosis training face to face is more of an issue, mainly because why would anyone offer free face to face training? If you do find such an offer then be aware of one thing. It is common practice in the NLP and coaching communities for trainers to offer free training sessions but they are usually nothing more than a taster for the real course and that is the only reason that makes sense for free hypnosis training. If you're happy to sit through a session and deal with the hard sell then fine, but don't expect to learn much about hypnosis from someone offering you free training, and do expect someone to try and sign you up to pay for a course with some real content.

If you're looking for free hypnosis downloads then there are several sites that offer these, but personally I prefer the cheap but highly effective recordings provided by HypnosisDownloads - Free Hypnosis stuff may not always be your best option.

Otherwise, the following sites provide a selection of free scripts and MP3 downloads:


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