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I've mentioned elsewhere my dislike of ebooks, and everything I wrote about NLP ebooks applies equally to hypnosis ebooks.

The phrase free covert hypnosis rings a lot of alarm bells for many people; Some believe it's fantasy; Some are scared by it, and some just don't think anyone else is responsible enough to learn the skills without abusing them.

Like many concepts being marketed aggressively online, the concept is used to infer more than the skill set actually entails. The skills of covert hypnosis are freely and easily available on this website and the NLP website

The only difference between hypnosis and covert hypnosis is that covert hypnosis has a smaller skill set because you need to dump all the tools that are not covert!

So dropping the non-covert skills, what do we have left for our free covert hypnosis skills?

Firstly, Rapport building is essential. Practice your breath matching and cross-over matching until it hurts! This is covered in the article NLP Rapport on PlanetNLP.

Secondly, state management (that's YOUR state management) - You must learn to deepen your own state very quickly. While rapport skills deal with the pacing, state control deals with the leading. This is covered in the article State Management on PlanetNLP. Once you have good rapport it's amazing how deep you can lead someone simply by dropping into a deep trance yourself.

Thirdly, Language patterns - I assume you don't need to be so covert that you don't actually talk to your 'victim', though this isn't completely necessary to get someone into a trance (I'm not sure what you're planning to do once you've got them in a trance though if you don't speak to them). Language skills are the grease that is going to give your covert hypnosis a direction. Especially useful in this area are the milton model patterns of ambiguity, embedded commands and presuppositions.

Also you should practice getting people into states and anchoring states. These skills are covered on

One of the best ways to practice covert hypnosis is in the context of an NLP intervention. By practicing talking people through NLP processes you should soon learn to recognize when the client becomes susceptible to trance and you can also practice all the skills mentioned above in a safe environment.

In fact a good NLP practitioner course is the best way to develop these skills without any risk of being caught or just seeming weird. Though if you're determined to keep in the spirit of free covert hypnosis, then an NLP practice group may be the way to go.

As to top secret hypnotic mind control techniques (or whatever they're being marketed as this week), I get by (as do most NLP practitioners) perfectly well without any kind of free covert hypnosis, but if you do find any secret hypnotic skills that are truly secret, then please do pass them on.


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