Power of Conversational Hypnosis by Igor Ledochwski


Writing this review of the Power of Conversational Hypnosis was tough - not because of anything wrong with the material or its delivery, but because it was incredibly difficult to remember each session after I had listened to it, due to the hypnotic effect of the cds.

Of course, I still 'got' the information, but to get a full conscious understanding this cd set is one that you will want (and probably need) to listen to several times.

Now, I have to ask - who is Igor Ledochwski? Because, (sorry if I offend anyone due to stereotyping), he does not sound like someone called Igor to me. A western audience may initially feel somewhat reluctant to buy this product, assuming that the speaker may be difficult to follow or have a strong regional accept. This is definitely not the case. The language is clear, the accent western, and rather importantly the tone and pace is a delight to listen to, and probably most of the reason I struggle to remember the sessions consciously.

Now, learning conversational hypnosis is difficult, mainly because like driving a car, it is difficult to separate and practice each element individually (how do you practice steering if you can't control the accelerator). It is a skill where it is important to bring many elements together at the same time. Igor has made a good job of separating the skills over 12 cds into learnable chunks and delivering each skill individually, building towards a single powerful ability to hypnotize.

The cds each contain around an hour of material. The material is a mixture of training, hypnotic examples (there are plenty of opportunities to just listen to the language and enjoy the ride), hypnotic exercises to try with your friends whether they're aware of what you're doing or not, and questions and answers with the seminar audience.

Of course no product is perfect, and I do have a couple of gripes with the cds. Firstly there are obviously a few 'drop-ins' on some of the cds (Maybe one of the participants went on too long, or Igor didn't like what he said, or on mixing it was realized that some important information was missing), and these are a little too obvious for my liking. Also, the audience for the recording could do with being a little more direct - if you listen to the cd's I think you'll know what I mean. But this is just nit-picking really.

There is a lot to be learnt to perform conversational hypnosis well, and these cds contain, not only the information you need, but many great examples of hypnosis in action. The emphasis is on learning to use hypnosis in an environment where the 'client' is unaware of what you are doing and a subtle and elegant manner; Igor certainly shows these qualities.

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