Confidence Building Exercises


Confidence is one of the most common issues that people attempt to resolve with NLP. Most people think that they simply never have confidence, but this isn't true - confidence is always about context. Are you confident in your belief that you lack confidence?

The following two NLP exercises are directly related to improving confidence in specific situations.

These exercises are designed to improve your internal state and change the way you see yourself.

But that isn't all there is to confidence or all there is to using NLP for confidence. Confidence is a complex issue and can take several interventions and many different approaches to resolve - but it is worth it.

So how about your beliefs? Confidence is usually rooted in how you feel about yourself, and that comes down to your beliefs. How about destroying the negative beliefs with the NLP Belief Disintegrator and creating a few more productive ones with the NLP Belief Creator? Don't worry - no one will know, but do remember to use the exercises the right way around!

Maybe you have a belief that you're unattractive? Well dump that one for a start. How about generating a new belief that you are an interesting person and people are interested in what you have to say?

A good approach with beliefs is to brainstorm a list of beliefs to drop and beliefs to create and then work through them over a few days. Also watch out for any beliefs that rear their ugly heads while you're at work or out and about. A notepad is a good idea to catch any negative thinking so you can work on fixing it later. The article NLP Confidence Techniques covers dealing with the complexity of multiple confidence issues in further detail.

Often people who feel they lack confidence actually have a problem with hesitation. They have internal voices that tell them they're not worthy, or whatever. Kill those nagging voices is a good exercise to solve this problem.

One issue using exercises such as Kill those nagging voices for confidence is that you will probably find that you solve the issue in a specific context but the problem still occurs in other contexts. The best thing is to persevere and use the exercise for each specific context as you come across them.

The same kind of problem can occur with the belief disintegrator as it's so easy to build more and more negative beliefs about ourselves. This form of generalization, while being key to learning skills, is also one of the biggest causes of problems in peoples lives.

A really cool way to improve your confidence is to build powerful states and anchor them so you can access them in those situations where you usually feel bad. Use the NLP Anchoring technique to build yourself some of these powerful states, and use them whenever you need them.

The more you work with these techniques, the bigger and more powerful states you will be able to build, and the more time you spend in those states the harder it will be to return to the really negative ones.

For further information on NLP Confidence techniques checkout the article NLP Confidence Techniques, and good luck!


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