Breast Enlargement by Hypnosis - Is Hypnotic Breast Enhancement Possible?


This subject of breast enlargement by hypnosis comes up time and time again, and is usually laughed at and placed in the same category as ideas such as phrenology or fairies at the bottom of the garden. But is that fair?

As human beings, we have more control over our internal processes than many people believe. This has been shown time and time again when testing drugs using double bind experiments. In all such experiments the drug is tested against placebo - which means that placebo has been tested an awful lot. And from such tests it's widely been proven that for many problems placebo has a better success rate than doing nothing and this has to be taken into account when reviewing the actual drug results.

This fact would suggest that for changes that have been shown to occur with clients using placebo, if the same client were to believe in hypnosis, then we could achieve the same result with hypnosis even if hypnosis had no effect. In fact, if the client believed that they could be cured with sugar, then this would have the same placebo effect.

Unfortunately all this talk of placebo, though partially relevant, is somewhat besides the point, because I have found no double blind study's of any breast enlargement techniques where a placebo was used. So the idea that breast enhancement hypnosis could work through placebo is still nothing more than an idea and we're awaiting proper testing.

But all is not lost for breast enlargement by hypnosis.

Because there is one rather unusual aspect to breast enlargement by hypnosis that most people ignore when dismissing it. Breast enlargement isn't like growing a new leg or getting taller.

It's a natural occurrence, and it happens all the time. There's pregnancy and puberty and certain other specific times when breast tissue changes. In fact over a woman's lifetime her breasts change more than almost any other body part.

So really of all the physical changes you may wish to make without going under the knife, breast enlargement surely must be the easiest to do something about!


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