Bee Phobia (Apiphobia) - Cure your Phobia of Bees and Wasps


Where do Bee Phobias come from?

Bee and Wasp phobias are really common. We've probably all been on the uncomfortable end of a confrontation with a bee as a child - usually with is an ice cream in the mix somewhere.

Also, people who haven't been stung have probably seen someone else react strongly to the presence of a bee or wasp. These kind of experiences, especially in children, can make anyone apprehensive about our furry, striped friends.

Phobia's are almost always created really quickly, usually through movement or loud noises. Seeing someone else scream as they're stung could easily generate a phobia. Being made jump by a wasp in a confined place could also lead to a phobic response later on.

One thing that all phobias have in common is that when the person suffering from the phobia has an 'attack', they generate a negative internal visual representation that contains movement - fast movement. Bees and Wasps may not be the fastest creatures on the planet, but it's no a stretch of the imagination to visualize one buzzing quickly around your head or disappearing up your shorts. Interestingly, the most common phobias are not related to the most common risks and dangers, but they are related to subjects that can move, often unpredictably, such as bees, wasps, moths, birds, and snakes.

What's the easiest way to cure a Bee Phobia?

A bee or wasp phobia is quite straightforward to cure; The only real problem being that as many people come across bees and wasps quite regularly, there is a fairly high chance of a 'bad bee' experience reoccurring leading to the possibility of the creation of a new phobia. Of course that doesn't mean that you should just accept that you have a bee phobia and not attempt to cure it. In fact, once you have fixed a phobia, you may find that you can recognize the pattern and automatically fix the phobia automatically should it be re-imprinted. This happens often with NLP - once you've learnt a pattern to change your own brain, it becomes automated and your brain takes care of itself.

The best and easiest way to fix a bee phobia is the NLP fast phobia cure which you can either use yourself or get someone to talk you through. You can also read the process for another person should you be hoping to help someone else with their phobia.

With curing phobias, the key to the success of the cure is in recognizing the internal 'movie' that leads to the phobic state. With a phobia of bees or wasps this is often a movie of a bee or wasp flying around your face, crawling on you, or being in a confined environment with the yellow and black beasties. It's important to work out what the internal representation is, rather than imagining what it could be, otherwise you can end up curing a phobia you've just imagined rather than the real one. You need to make sure cure the actual phobia, not one you've invented by second guessing what the internal representation is.

Are there any products you can buy for curing a Bee Phobia?

Phobias of bees or wasps are quite common, so there are a few relevant products. For a general phobia cure you can checkout Richard Bandler's Banishing Phobias CD or for a specific bee phobia cure checkout Paul McKenna's Overcome your Phobia recordings. If you want to try a hypnosis recording then check out the Fear of Wasps and Bees hypnosis download.

Good Luck!


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